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Bozeman, MT Landlord | Tenant Law

Protect your rights as a landlord or tenant by hiring a lawyer when necessary.

Landlord Rights

If, like many landlords, you own or manage only a few rental properties, you are unlikely to have a lawyer on staff or even “on retainer” (where you pay a lawyer in advance to handle routine questions and issues).  Landlords are fundamentally no different than any other type of business owner, aiming to make their business profitable while avoiding liability.  In certain situations, hiring (or consulting with) a lawyer to help you achieve these goals is a smart move.

Common scenarios in which you should consider consultation include:

  • You need help with a rental or lease agreement.
  • You are facing evicting your tenant.
  • Your tenant is suing you for discrimination or failure to maintain the property.
  • You’re facing an audit by the IRS or state.
  • Understanding and interpreting the Montana residential landlord & tenant act.
  • Help with security deposit disputes.

Tenant Rights

Many issues tenants face are minor and can be easily resolved by common sense.  Some issues, however, can seriously threaten your enjoyment of your home or your ability to stay in your rental.  In these situations, hiring an attorney may be the most effective way to protect your rights.  At Nemelka & Restum we take your rights as a tenant seriously.  We have a proven track record of success including a case victory at the Supreme Court.

If you find yourself in one of the following situations, you should consider hiring a lawyer.

  • You’re facing eviction without proper court procedures.
  • Your landlord discriminates against you.
  • Your landlord refuses to make repairs to your rental.
  • You’ve been injured or made ill due to landlord carelessness.
  • Your property has been damaged.
  • Understanding and interpreting the Montana residential landlord & tenant act.
  • Help with security deposit disputes.

A great place to start to answer your landlord or tenant questions is located in the Montana Code Annotated specifically, title 70 chapter 24 & chapter 25.

Contact Nemelka & Restum, P.C. today if you have any landlord tenant law questions regarding your rights as a landlord or tenant.

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